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Open Site Technologies, Inc., San Mateo, CA
(acquired by Siebel Systems [NASDAQ: SEBL]) OpenSite Technologies, Inc. was the market leader in Internet auction technology, offering entrepreneurs and small, medium and large businesses a comprehensive solution for creating branded interactive Web auctions. In March of 2000, OpenSite was acquired by Siebel Systems, Inc., the world leader in e-Business enterprise solutions and software.

Accipiter, Andover, MA
(acquired by CMGI [NASDAQ: CMGI]) Accipiter provides solutions that allow site publishers to track visitors to their sites and profile individual visitors. Accipiter was acquired by CMGI and merged with Engage Technologies in 1998.



Wave Systems Corporation, Lee, MA
[NASDAQ: WAVX] Wave Systems is a leading designer and developer of platforms, infrastructure and services that enable trusted, secure, and reliable digital exchange and commerce over the Internet. Wave Systems is publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange.

iEntertainment Network, Cary, NC
[NASDAQ: IENT] iEntertainment Network is a leading provider of Internet and online entertainment content for destination sites. The company became publicly traded on the NASDAQ exchange in 1998.



ChanneLogics, Atlanta, GA
ChanneLogics develops and markets broadband network management tools to predict, prioritize, allocate, and report customer bandwidth usage. This market-driven technology can increase the capacity of broadband networks up to 25 percent saving the Multiple System Operators (MSO) investments in physical plants and network service costs, while at the same time improving the satisfaction of all subscribers and customers. ChanneLogics was sold to Scientific Atlanta in late 2002. 

GadgetSpace, Raleigh, NC
GadgetSpace creates and delivers innovative technologies and services that dramatically improve the cost, efficiency, effectiveness and value of mobile computing.  GadgetSpace was purchased by Inphonic on October 31, 2001.  Headquartered in Washington, D.C., Inphonic, Inc. provides wireless voice and data communications systems to large corporations, affinity groups and Internet businesses.


Red Storm Entertainment, Morrisville, NC
Founded by Virtus Entertainment and best-selling author Tom Clancy, Red Storm Entertainment is a multimedia entertainment company.  Ubi Soft Entertainment acquired Red Storm in August 2000.

HAHT Commerce, Raleigh, NC
HAHT Commerce offers software applications that enable companies to use the Internet to conduct business with their distributors, resellers and other business customers in an environment that they call an Enterprise Digital Marketplace (EDM).  HAHT's flagship products, the HAHT Commerce e-ScenariosTM, are a suite of packaged business-to-business software applications that deliver the key functionality of an EDM.  These products enable businesses to provide sales, marketing, order fulfillment and customer service functions over the Internet.  In February of 2004, HAHT was acquired by Global Exchange Services, an electronic data interchange provider.

Chatfish, Atlanta, GA
Chatfish provides the software, infrastructure and marketing needed to power live, interactive events on the Internet.  By using Chatfish, content providers gain the ability to give their users the richest possible online interactive event experience including streaming interactive media, slide shows, images and rich text.  Chatfish was acquired by eBroadcasters in 2001.

HowStuffWorks, Cary, NC
HowStuffWorks is an omni-media company with content for anyone interested in how every-day products, technology and systems work.  HowStuffWorks media offerings include its award-winning website, a line of HowStuffWorks Books, HowStuffWorks Express Magazine and newspaper, television and radio syndication.


Pixel Magic Imaging, San Marcos, TX
Pixel Magic Imaging is a leader in the area of digital camera printing, and is enabling a fundamental change to the way digital photos are made, sold, purchased and used.  Pixel Magic is the world's leading supplier of privately branded, digital camera printing solutions to retailers and commercial enterprises.  Pixel Magic Imaging was acquired by DNP (Dai Nippon Printing) in November 2006. 

Arsenal Digital Solutions, Cary, NC
Arsenal Digital Solutions is the worldwide leader in on-demand data protection.  Arsenal offers a comprehensive suite of award-winning services for server and PC data protection, backup and recovery, business continuity, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance.  Arsenal Digital was sold to IBM Global Services in February 2008.

Waveguide Solutions Inc., Charlotte, NC
Waveguide Solutions was established in 1999 with a mission to develop a proprietary manolithic platform that enables multiple innovative products based on a substance called Sol-gel. This material uniquely suited to meet the ever-increasing demand for bandwidth by delivering customizable, fully integrated optical circuits for optical communications networks. Waveguide’s Optical Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (“OASIC”) integrates multiple active and passive functions into a single multi-function optical circuit that will enable sophisticated fiber optic telecommunications networks for the Metropolitan Area Network (“MAN”) market.

VisionAIR, Inc., Wilmington, NC
VisionAIR, Inc. is an enterprise-class Wireless Solution Provider whose products increase corporate productivity by extending enterprise applications to mobile workforces. The company provides a highly adaptable, state-of-the-art, software infrastructure solution that simplifies the complexities associated with wireless data delivery. VisionAIR’s platform promotes enterprise application integration, enabling customers to leverage their existing legacy applications and IT infrastructure. VisionAIR was acquired by TriTech Software Systems in September 2011.

MediaSpan Group, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI
MediaSpan solutions enable local media companies to create, deliver and monetize their content and advertising across traditional and digital platforms. MediaSpan powers digital content management and online marketing solutions for the world's leading media companies including Citadel/ABC Radio, Sun Media, Advance Publications, MediaNews, Gannett and Radio One. MediaSpan was acquired by NEWSCYCLE Solutions in May 2014.


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